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Tarot, Numerology and Astrology in Relationships: Powerful Insight into Dynamics, Thoughts and Feelings

by | Jun 28, 2023

Building strong and harmonious relationships requires a deep understanding of ourselves and our partners. Combining the wisdom of tarot, numerology and astrology can give you a unique perspective on your relationship.

Numerology and astrology provide clear insight into the general relationship dynamics between any two partners.  Tarot cards, on the other hand, provide a glimpse into what is going on and where things are headed by revealing the thoughts, feelings, desires and intentions of each partner. In this article, I will explain how I employ the ancient arts of astrology, tarot and numerology to give you the insight you are looking for.

Numerology, Sun Signs and Relationship Dynamics

Numerology provides a deeper understanding of each partner’s inherent qualities, strengths, and challenges through the interpretation of life path numbers derived from birthdates. By comparing and analyzing the life path numbers of you and your partner, I can give you insights into your compatibility and potential areas of harmony or conflict. Numerology reveals the vibrational frequencies that each person carries, highlighting the potential dynamics and challenges that may arise within the relationship.

Sun signs, which are determined by the position of the Sun at the time of birth, represent the core essence of an individual’s personality. They offer valuable insights into general character traits, emotional patterns, and relationship needs. By examining the sun signs of both partners in your relationship, I can assess the compatibility of your energies, communication styles, and emotional dynamics. This information helps me understand how each partner expresses themselves, connects with others, and navigates the challenges that may arise within your relationship.

Considering both life path numbers and  sun signs within your relationship wil give you penetrating insight into the dynamics at play. Numerology and the basic astrological analysis of sun signs create a multi-dimensional framework for understanding relationship dynamics and navigating the complexities of your relationship.

Example 1: Relationship between Aries 1 and Cancer 6

In this pairing, Aries 1 brings a strong sense of individuality, ambition, and assertiveness to the relationship. They have a natural leadership quality and a desire for success. The Cancer 6, on the other hand, embodies nurturing, sensitivity and emotional depth. They are caring and seek emotional security and stability. While Aries 1 may bring excitement and drive to the partnership, Cancer 6 provides a comforting and supportive environment.

Challenges may arise due to differences in communication styles and needs for personal space. Aries 1’s assertiveness may clash with Cancer 6’s need for emotional security, leading to occasional conflicts. Open and honest communication, along with mutual respect and understanding, will be key to maintaining a harmonious relationship. Aries 1 can learn to express their ambitions in a way that doesn’t overpower Cancer 6; Cancer 6 can work on providing emotional support while respecting Aries 1’s need for independence.

Example 2: Relationship between Gemini 5 and Scorpio 9

Gemini 5 is adventurous, intellectually curious, and adaptable. They seek variety, change, and freedom. Scorpio 9 is compassionate, intuitive, and deeply emotional and dedicated to their career. They value loyalty, intensity, and transformation. This pairing creates a relationship filled with intellectual stimulation, emotional depth, and a desire to explore the depths of life.

Challenges may arise due to both partners busy schedules, differences in communication styles and emotional expression. Gemini 5’s need for freedom and flexibility may clash with Scorpio 9’s desire for emotional intimacy and loyalty. Scorpio 9’s intensity and emotional depth might also sometimes overwhelm Gemini 5. Building trust, fostering open and honest communication, and finding a balance between independence and emotional connection will be essential for the relationship to thrive. Both partners can learn from each other’s strengths, with Gemini 5 bringing excitement and new experiences, and Scorpio 9 offering emotional support and depth of understanding.

The Power of Tarot in Understanding a Relationship

As you can see, combining numerology with basic astrology can give you a very clear picture of potential relationship dynamics. And this is all great, but what about what is actually happening right now? What is each person thinking, feeling and desiring? Enter the tarot.

Tarot is a powerful divination tool and it offers rich symbolism and archetypal imagery that speaks to the depths of our subconscious. Each card in the tarot deck carries its own unique energy, representing various aspects of the human experience. When used to understand what is going on in a particular relationship, tarot delivers profound insights.

In most relationship readings, I use the powerful and penetrating Temple of Aphrodite tarot spread. This spread gives me a quick, broad understanding of what each partner is thinking, how they are feeling, what they want and where the relationship is headed. I give a deeper explanation of how I use this spread in this blog post.

Blending Tarot, Numerology and Astrology for Relationship Compatibility

To truly unlock the secrets of what is going on in your relationship, tarot, numerology and astrology must be combined. By integrating the wisdom of each discipline, your relationship tarot reading will use a holistic approach to understanding the dynamics as well as the facts of your relationship.

Your relationship tarot reading will also give you a safe space to discuss your feelings and address potential challenges in your relationship. If appropriate, your reading  will help you decide whether to continue your relationship or to move on.

In the realm of relationships, understanding general relationship dynamics as well as thoughts, feelings and desires is key to understanding your relationship and where it is headed. By combining the wisdom of tarot, numerology and basic astrology, we gain a broad perspective on the what is going on between you and your partner. Numerology and astrology unveil the vibrational energies and inherent traits of individuals through life path numbers and sun signs, while tarot offers profound insight into thoughts, feelings, desires and where things are headed. By blending these three disciplines, I use a comprehensive approach to better understand your relationship and give you the insight you are looking for. The combination of these practices will empower you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding within your relationship.

If you would like to learn more about how this applies to your relationship, book your Relationship Tarot Reading today. Be sure to provide birthdates (with years) for you and your person of interest.

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