Compatibility Analysis

Your Birth Date:

Their Birth Date:

Your Life Path: 1

Their Life Path: 1

Since both parties have similar interests, are driven by ambition and share the same domineering characteristics, this relationship can work out in the long run but they must ensure a balance of power between the two in the relationship. This is because both individuals are fiercely independent and tend to relish taking the lead, thus it is important that one does not feel overpowered by the other.

This is actually a pairing of two strong personalities with very competitive natures. Thus, this relationship can be extremely successful since both are clear on what they are looking for in a relationship and also due to mutual admiration as well as respect.

However, their strong personalities can also create problems as neither will back down easily and will stubbornly not give in whenever there are disagreements. The silver lining is that both are likely to accept such reoccurring conflicts as part of their relationship if they want to be with each other.

To maintain this relationship, it is important for both parties to pencil in more time for each other in their busy lifestyles of working and socialising.

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