Tarot Reading for the Second Day of Yule 2020

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Here is the collective tarot reading for the second day of Yule, December 22, 2020.

What is the nature of the problem? The Knight of Pentacles.

This knight is slow, methodical, nurturing and deeply caring. If this is a problem, it is in caring too much, checking too frequently.

What is the cause of the problem? The Nine of Swords.

Sometimes called the Nightmare card, the Nine of Swords indicates worry and sleepless nights.

What is the solution? The Empress. 

This figure exudes creativity, fertility, and productivity. This is what we must embrace in the coming weeks and months.

Worry and anxiety has led to reduced productivity, repeating efforts unnecessarily — an absent-minded, compulsive perfectionism. It is time to release this and embrace the archetype of the Empress. Bold and daring — but caring — action.

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

Tarot cards shown are from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman.

About William Galileo

William is a natural intuitive empath. He uses the Tarot to help you gain clear insight into your life, your relationships and your livelihood.


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