Tarot Reading for the Fourth Day of Yule 2020

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Here is the collective reading for the fourth day of Yule, December 24, 2020: Christmas Eve. This is reading looking at loneliness during a season which can be challenging for many — even in a “normal” year!

  1. How is it to be with yourself right now? 7 of Wands.  The 7 of Wands shows us feeling attacked from all sides but the fact is, we got this. At this time of the year, and in this year specifically, it can feel like the world is conspiring to isolate us. But the secret of this card is that we have the resources and the position to handle this.  This can be overcome.
  1. How is company available to you? King of Cups. The King of Cups shows true emotional strength in the face of difficulty. In this way, he supports the people around him. Company is available to you.  If, however, you are just looking for support for yourself, you may be missing many opportunities for company in your life. If you choose to look for how you can support others in this time, you may find yourself much less alone than you thought.
  1. How can you be your own good friend? 5 of Wands, reversed. Release conflict, embrace peace. This sounds like a standard call for peace and joy for this time of the year — and that’s good.  But the placement of this card indicates that it is talking about internal conflict. At the end of the year it is all too easy to start to review our year and even our life and beat ourselves up if we are not where we want to be. This card in this position urges us to be compassionate and merciful with ourselves, to accept our past as it is and look forward to the New Year with hope and faith.

I believe I originally got this spread from @rootlocktarot

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

Tarot cards shown are from This Might Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman.

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