Full Moon in Libra Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Libra Tarot Reading

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A Tarot Reading for this Full Moon in Libra

Here is the collective reading for this full moon in Libra, March 28, 2021. This reading uses a Full Moon in Libra Tarot reading spread from @the.word.witch

Libra, the ruler of the Tarot card Justice, brings harmony, equity, fairness and diplomacy. To harness the energy of the full moon in Libra, this spread has been designed to highlight what is out of balance in our lives and show us what to do about it.

The Weights. Strength and the 4 of Swords.

What needs to be brought into balance in my life right now?

Strength here represents self-control and non-aggressive personal power. The 4 of Swords represents taking a timeout to relax, regroup and refocus. But both of these can come to rest on one side of the balance and lead to excessive restraint. You may be busy taking action without the expected results. You may be experiencing a lack of motivation and difficulty taking the action required to get results. You may be considering your options but you are likely experiencing a lack of progress or movement.

The Base. 3 of Wands, reversed.

The foundation of the issue. From where does this disharmony arise? What root needs to be addressed?

At the root, the cards indicate a lack of direction or a loss of conviction. Disarray and disorganization at work. You may feel like you know where you want to go but you currently lack direction and focus.

The Scale. 2 of Cups, reversed.

Guidance for weighing these forces. How do I weight them in fairness and truth to my highest self?

The 2 of Cups reversed indicates the end of relationship, accepting loss and moving on. Something here is clearly not working and it is time to let it go.

The Fulcrum. The Moon, reversed.

What action can I take to tilt the scales into balance and find alignment for myself?
The Moon indicates dreams but also nightmares. Insecurities and mental confusion are key contributors to your current lack of momentum. It is time to confront this dark night of the soul.

It is time to reach out to others to get objective perspective. Your own thinking has become dark and distorted. Sunlight and clarity are needed. This may mean acceptance of some harsh realities. It might mean taking some calculated risks, but they must be grounded in reality if they are to help your situation.

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

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