Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Reading

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Here is the collective reading for this Full Moon in Cancer, January 17, 2022. This reading uses a Full Moon in Cancer Tarot reading spread from Labyrinthos using the Chariot card as a kind of significator to focus our thought on this Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Cancer dares us to lean into our sense of compassion, to feel the pain of others and work to ease it. This sign teaches us that our  sense of empathy is stronger than we sometimes acknowledge and presses us to honour premonitions and feelings and to reach out to others instead of becoming dangerously focused on ourselves.

What is my current emotional state? Page of Cups.

What is the predominant emotion that surrounds you during this cycle?

This cycle focuses on new opportunities and new beginnings. You will find an eagerness that has been lacking and find new ways to channel your empathy and compassion to help others. Stoke that eagerness, it will carry you far.

How can I develop my sense of  security? 6 of Wands.

What makes you feel secure? How can you feel more safe in your own skin?

You feel secure when you do things well. Recently, you have been challenged in this area but you will experience a breakthrough in the coming month. This much needed mastery will help you ground and find new solutions to old problems. If you find yourself without a goal, get one.

What can my vulnerability teach me? 2 of Pentacles, reversed.

How can your vulnerability help you grow and develop as a human being?

Recent pain will give you the insight you need to help you build a better balance between work and personal life. Your struggles are, ironically, the way out. Open your mind, the answers are in front of you. 

Where is my sensitivity heightened this cycle? The Fool.

In what area of your life are you particularly sensitive?

You are particularly sensitive when you are spontaneous and fearless.  When you let your fear and insecurities creep in,  you get tangled in your own thoughts. This can come out of a fear of your sensitivity. Use the energy of this Full Moon to embrace that sensitivity and step out in faith.

This is a Full Moon in Cancer tarot reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

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