Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading

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Here is the collective reading for this Full Moon in Aquarius, August 11, 2022. This reading uses a Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot spread from @labyrinthos using the Star card as a kind of significator to focus our thought on this Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Aquarius brings out the inner rebel.  It challenges us to examine our role in the world, to explore what is possible, not just what is.

What quirks can I embrace? 6 of Swords, reversed.

Talk about your innermost thoughts and feelings. This is not the time to be shy. Deep down you like attention. Go with it!

How can I be more expressive? The Wheel of Fortune.

Just start talking, writing, drawing or painting. Create. Stop trying to figure everything out in advance. You don’t always need a plan to be creative. Sometimes you just need to begin.

What is my ideal world? The Moon.

You are afraid of your ideal world but your fears have no basis in reality.  These fears keep you trapped in a world you are unhappy with. Fear is overcome with faith. You can do this.

How can I inspire others? 7 of Wands.

Let’s face it. It hasn’t been easy to get where you are. You don’t give yourself credit for all that you have accomplished. Own your struggle and don’t be afraid to share it.

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

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