Spirit Guide Tarot Reading

Seeking clarity and insight on your life’s journey?

Are you looking for guidance and support from your spiritual guides?
Spirit Guide Tarot Reading Tarot Cards

Align with your highest good

Your spirit guides are loving beings who have a deep understanding of your soul’s purpose; they are dedicated to supporting your growth and well-being. Your Spirit Guide Tarot Reading will provide a deeper understanding of their messages for you and guide you on your spiritual journey.

I use my psychic gifts and my tarot cards to channel and interpret messages from your spirit guides. I will help you navigate the signs and the symbols, providing you with a deeper understanding of your current situation, potential paths forward, and any guidance or actions recommended by your spirit guides.

My Approach to Your
Spirit Guide Tarot Reading

My approach to psychic readings is nonjudgmental, kind, and patient. During our session, I will use the tarot cards to communicate with your spirit guides, who will provide guidance and insights on your life path, relationships, career, and any other areas of your life where you seek clarity and guidance. You will receive personalized and insightful advice, as well as practical tips on how to integrate this guidance into your daily life.

As a professional tarot reader with over 35 years of experience, I will help you connect with your spirit guides in order to receive their wisdom and guidance. Through my intuitive abilities and the energy of the tarot cards, I will help you tap into the power and knowledge of your spirit guides, so that you can navigate your life’s challenges with greater clarity, purpose, and confidence.

How To Choose
The Right Duration

Your reading will last up to your choice of 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to ask all your questions and get to the heart of the matter.

One longer reading is less expensive than two shorter ones. If you have a lot of questions, consider getting a longer reading to save money in the long run.

What To Expect
After Your Order

Watch for an email from me within a few hours to schedule your order. I am usually able to schedule your reading the same day depending on my availability and your own schedule.

I am in Toronto, Canada which is EST/ EDT (depending on the time of year). I generally work evenings and nights from 7pm to 1am EST/EDT. If this range of times doesn’t work for you, we will find a time that does.

Your Spirit Guide Tarot Reading will be delivered over a phone or video call, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality. You can enjoy the comfort of your own home while receiving personalized guidance from a professional tarot reader.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Today

So, if you are ready to seek the support and wisdom of your spirit guides, then I invite you to schedule a Spirit Guide Tarot Reading with me today. You will gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual path and purpose, and receive the guidance and support you need to create the life you truly desire.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your spiritual journey.


William takes such great care in his Tarot card readings. He really connects with your spirit guides and he doesn’t sugar coat anything.
Amanda Joy Barco
William is a kind person with so much light and peace beaming off him. His energy drew me in immediately and I knew he was the right person for my reading. He lead me down the path I needed to be on, not the one I superficially wanted to be on. I’m very thankful for his honest and thorough reading.
William is completely straight forward and open about telling you what you need to know. I'm going through a lot right now and he shed light on what needs to be done in order to for me to feel better about myself.
Ky'Leigh Parker

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