The Advantages of a Zoom Tarot Reading: Tarot Readings During COVID

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During COVID, I have only been doing Zoom Tarot readings and sometimes phone Tarot readings in addition to my Facebook live streams. Originally, this was due to the lockdowns that have been in effect in Toronto for much of the last year.  In the end, it has been a wonderful aspect of my business as I now count clients from all over the world as my clients and I have each been discovering the advantages of Zoom Tarot readings.

Is it a Zoom Tarot reading the same as an in-person Tarot reading?

During that time, a lot of people have been asking me: but is it the same as an in-person reading?  Fact is, in a lot of ways, it is superior.  Let me tell you why.

The first things I want to do is bust a myth. Physical distance does not weaken a psychic connection. Psychics work in a realm that transcends both space and time. It is not an issue.

Improved connections from the safety and comfort of your own home

In someways, remote Tarot readings can actually increase the quality of the connection. Why, because of the effect of being in our own homes has on both the reader and the querent. Let me explain.

If you have ever had a Tarot reading, you may know: Tarot readings can get very personal — and sometimes very intense. Tears are not unusual. In an in-person reading, you would find yourself in the readers home or studio.  But wouldn’t you rather be in the comfort of your own home if things get intense? We are still connected — both psychically and virtually but that extra space can help you to feel safe, be more fully present and ultimately get the most out of the reading. 

You may also feel more comfortable taking notes than you might be in person — and I encourage that.

I find it allows my clients to be more fully present and to get the most out of the reading.
The same is true for me. Reading from home allows me more time to clear my mind and prepare myself for your reading. That means I am fresh and ready for your reading and fully focussed on you.

Easy and convenient for you

And finally, of course, you don’t have to travel and you don’t have to brave sweltering heat or freezing cold.  You don’t have to park or find your way to my studio. Just get comfortable in the safety and security of your own home and connect over Zoom.  I am right here.

Have you experienced a live, private Tarot reading yet? Book one the moment you are ready. I look forward to the honour of reading for you!

About William Galileo

William is a natural intuitive empath. He uses the Tarot to help you gain clear insight into your life, your relationships and your livelihood.


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