Full Moon in Scorpio Reading

Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading

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A Collective Tarot Reading for this Full Moon in Scorpio

Here is the collective reading for this full moon in Scorpio, April 27, 2021. This reading uses a Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot reading spread from @labyrinthos

Scorpio advises us to stay focused and faithful to our true selves. The transformative nature of this sign rules the Death card in the Tarot. And, like the Death card, Scorpios are constantly evolving, leaving their old selves behind for one that is incrementally closer to their nature. 

We’re going to use the Death card as a significator of sorts, to help us focus our thoughts on this Scorpio full moon.

What part of you is being left behind? 2 of Pentacles.

What part of you must die in order to be reborn anew? For a long time now, you have been going through change, experiencing ups and downs as you you move through to a better phase. This has weighed heavily on you, but this long transition is soon to come to climax as you come through to that better phase.

What has been sleeping within you? The Chariot.

What part of you is slowly been gaining strength, waiting to be reborn? It is time to step into confidence and independence. Victory is at hand, there will be a significant shift in direction — allowing you to finally master the skills you have been working on.

Where will you cross the threshold? 2 of Wands, reversed.

What must be crossed in order for this rebirth to happen? It is time to let go of self-doubt; loss of control, time to collect your scattered energies and move forward boldly. The time of endless thinking and planning must come to an end. It is time to step into action and do this you must release hesitation, doubt and fear.

The time of waiting is over. The time of action is here.

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

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