A Talk with the Universe as a Grounding Technique for Anxiety

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Anxiety can get to any of us at the best of times. We all have something on our minds. Add a global pandemic, extreme weather conditions and political unrest — and anxiety can be overwhelming. It can fuel isolation, emotional outbursts, compulsive behaviour and, over time, can have a devastating effect on our bodies. In times like this, having grounding techniques for anxiety at the ready is critical.

Studies have shown that many things can help reduce anxiety: exercise, meditation, socialization, exposure to nature and journaling to name a few. Talking to a good friend or advisor can be very helpful but, ironically, anxiety will often drive us away from others, even when it is the worst thing for us. Dialogue journaling is a unique way to break the isolation, even when we don’t want to talk with anyone.

Writing is medicine. It is an appropriate antidote to injury. It is an appropriate companion for any difficult change.

Julia Cameron

Writing in a journal can positively impact your mental health through:

  1. Calming and clearing your mind;
  2. Releasing pent-up feelings and everyday stress;
  3. Letting go of negative thoughts;
  4. Exploring your experiences with anxiety;
  5. Writing about your struggles and your successes;
  6. Enhancing your self-awareness and teaching you about your triggers;
  7. Tracking your progress as you undergo treatment.

This article also delves in-depth about how journaling is useful for all types of medical and mental health conditions.

What is Dialogue Journaling?

Dialogue journaling is a unique grounding technique for anxiety that opens up conversation with your intuition, your higher self or the Universe. Based on the idea of Two-Way Prayer, you address the Universe, your higher self, your Inner Parent an ancestor or whoever you want to talk with directly. You state your problems and ask questions. And then, listening, you write back and answer your questions based on what you are hearing. If you received guidance, and if it’s “honest, unselfish, loving, and pure,” act on it. If it’s not, just cross it out.

When to Dialogue Journal?

So the next time you find yourself breathing fast and shallow, when you can’t sit still, want to curl up in a ball or do something destructive — try this unique grounding technique for anxiety instead.

Find yourself a short passage of an inspiration text to read. Breathe deeply and then pull out a notebook. Whether you are talking to your God, the Universe, an ancestor or your highest self — just start talking. If you need help figuring out what to do — ask. And then let the answers flow.

You will thank yourself.

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