Autumnal Equinox Tarot Reading 2022

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Here is the collective reading for this Autumnal Equinox, September 22, 2022. This reading uses an Autumnal Equinox Tarot spread from @interrobangtarot.

1. Area of Greatest Balance in Life. Luna (The Moon).

You are in a period of rest and retreat, dreaming about possible futures although possibly not making much tangible, external progress at the moment. It does not mean this time is not valuable.

2. Area of Least Balance in Life. 5 of Coins. (The Beggar).

You can sometimes miss the abundance in your life and become overly focussed on what is missing. This is human nature, in a way, but it is time to resist it.

3. Balancing Energies to Draw On. Strength.

This is an internal strength to keep your head up and focussed on the blessings you have and how you can be of service to the world    .

4. Where and how you spend your energy on others. Queen of Cups.

You inspire the people around you more than you realize. You have the ability to listen with patience and reflect the truth in a powerful way. 

5. Where and how you spend your energy on yourself. Hermes (The Magician).

You are deepening your knowledge, your skills and your powers of communication. Right now this is very self-focused but it can serve a higher purpose going forward.

6. Balancing Energies to Draw On.  Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune).

Remember that nothing is permanent, everything changes.  Accept that there will be difficult times; there will also be times of celebration. Walk lightly; dance even. Not everything is in your control.

7. How Your Sense of Equilibrium Connects to Your Energy’s Outflow and Focus. 10 of Cups. The Tetractys.

The Tectractys represents ultimate completion: the flow from an impulse to an idea, to a plan, to manifestation. It also represents connectedness and suggests you will achieve a greater sense of balance if you establish a stronger connection to a wider community.

This reading is strong with water and air (feelings and ideas). Strength and Fortuna balance this energy by bringing the element of fire. Earth comes in weakly, indicating an unhealthy self-concern and a focus on lack.  Earth must be fortified to bring about the balance indicated in the final card.

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation. πŸ‚πŸπŸƒ

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