Full Moon in Pisces Tarot Reading 2022

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Here is the collective Tarot reading for this Full Moon in Pisces, September 10, 2022. This reading uses a Full Moon in Pisces Tarot spread from @labyrinthos using the Moon card as a kind of significator to focus our thought on this Full Moon.

Pisces represents spiritual depth, dreams, intuition and transcendence. This Full Moon tests your ability to be receptive and open to a Higher Power.

What must I sacrifice? Queen of Coins.

You may have become too attached to what you have to allow you to move ahead. There is no growth in your comfort zone.

Where must I listen to my unconscious? Queen of Swords.

There is a decision you know you have to make that you have been putting off. You also pretty much know what you have to decide.

What blocks me from hearing it? Traitor, the Hanged Man.

Once again, you have become strangely attached to the status quo. You are fearful of losing your position and your possessions. This is blocking you from accepting the need to move forward.

What is in store for me upon release? Satan, the Devil.

Satan only has power when his influence is buried in the unconscious. Right now he is stoking your fears and reinforcing your lack of action. When you acknowledge what lies beneath, you will be free of his influence and in charge of your destiny.

This is a reading for a lot of people, so please use your intuition to apply it to your situation.

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